Holy guacamole! Best check yo self, you’re not looking too good.

Holy guacamole! Best check yo self, you’re not looking too good.

The power to personalize shopping is yours.
See how Cue puts you at the center of life's shopping.
cue connect shopping

Capture & Share

Remember everything

Save, share, and communicate everything about your favorite items while you shop, privately and securely. Cue helps you collaborate with friends and family for advice and recommendations directly from the sites or stores you shop at.
cue connect shopping


Organized just for you

Cue displays everything in one place. It automatically organizes the things you save and share when you shop without having to leave the site you’re on or create separate lists. It also seamlessly prompts you about those items whenever you’re shopping on a site or in a store that carries them.
cue connect shopping
cue connect shopping


Rewards that fit you

Receive personalized rewards, invitations and special offers for items you and your friends save and share. Best of all, if the price drops, Cue will let you know.
cue connect shopping

Stay Connected

Always with you

Cue is always on and ready, working across all of your devices to keep you connected while you shop, no matter where you are.
cue connect shopping
Start using Cue today and never forget another thing when you shop!
Cue is 100% Free


Cue works with the brands you already shop with to bring you powerful features for a truly personalized experience.
Your Cue is private, secure, and built just for you.
Many Ways To Communicate
Collaborate with friends and family using the Share and Save buttons on any retail site, the Cue-it browser tool, or by scanning a barcode »
Cue Wall
Private, safe, and built just for you. See all of the items you favorite and collaborate with friends and family about while shopping on any site »
Custom Offers
Get personalized promotions, loyalty rewards, and event invitations based on the items in your Cue »
Built-in Notifications
See personal notifications for your saved items, along with birthday reminders and price alerts, all while you shop.
Stress-Free Gifting
Cue is perfect for helping you remember the perfect gift »
Location-Based Alerts
Next time you're on the go Cue will let you know when you're near a store with items you and your family want »
Want to bring Cue to your site? See Cue for Business >>